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Redefining Men's Barbering & Grooming 

Un piccolo Assaggio Di L'Italia

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Riguardo aNoi

Our Story and Founding Philosophy

Casanova is a premium men's salon and barbershop founded on the principles of quality, vision, and passion from like-minded individuals with a love for the Italian culture. Casanova, meaning 'new house' is redefining men's grooming and barbering with a unique approach to traditional methods and teachings.


Located in the heart of Montreal's Little Italy, clients experience 'Un piccolo assaggio di L'Italia' in the comfort of an exclusive environment surrounded by quality finishes, premium local products, and acclaimed grooming professionals. 

Casanova has established a new standard for men's barbering and grooming by positioning themselves by offering more than simply a haircut. A taste of culture, quality, 'essenza Italiana', and perfected grooming techniques, Casanova is more than a salon and barbershop, it is a brand and lifestyle.

In Collaborazione Con

Working With Industry Leading Product Brands

Image by Matheus Ferrero
Image by Matheus Ferrero
Image by Matheus Ferrero

Il Nostro Processo

A Defined Grooming Process Delivering Quality Experiences 



A carefully detailed approach allowing our grooming specialist to recommend hairstyles, day-to-day routines, and styling assets tailored to your everyday aesthetics, personality and style traits.


Un Assaggio

Complimentary espresso, amaro, and specialty Italian products fresh from the local community. Enjoy a wide variety of premium grooming products hand-selected from neighboring Italian brands and businesses.


Taglio di capelli

Sit back and unwind as we provide our unmatched tailored service and experience while enjoying the many culturally inspired amenities Casanova has to offer. 

La Squadra

Our Team Of Grooming & Hairstyle Professionals



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